We May Not Be Ready To Save The Planet

It’s not that I know better or that I think that we humans should know better or that they should have made better choices but more that we “wake up” now and use what we have been given to understand in a more comprehensive way what is arising. Maybe we are not ready for that. We  still collectively, and in general individually, are caught up and dominated  by  nationalistic anxiety and individualistic fear of not surviving and pursuing what we think will bring us security, to the point that we put everybody and everything else at risk. This is a fixation and barrier that seems to prevent us from opening past our individual perceptions and projections, to greater insights and greater cooperation with each other. Relying on thinking, or the science and/or technology that it has created,  will not solve the global problems that we face, especially if we are not able to come together collectively and somehow see the relevance of all living creatures to the ecological, spiritual balance of this planet. The planet is itself a living changing organism and every change that we impose on it from our selective fragmented perspective has a consequence. To understand the relevance of this we have to be able to open past the fear and self fixation and the perceptions that they perpetuate.

Not to Eliminate The Ego

The goal is not to kill the ego—not only because it will not die anyway, it also informs us. We are trying to learn to live with ego. We are working to gain a mastery of its functioning so that we are not dominated by its genius. We want to befriend the ego, to know it for what it is—in all its horror and all its glory—so we can slowly begin to find within ourselves, and identify with, that which is not ego, the perception that arises outside of egoic functioning. Mariana Caplan

The Inner and The Devine

I am driven to understand my world. I share Anthony  Kronmans reflection that “every increase in our understanding of it, and in our power to sing its song, is a further, deeper experience of the deathlessness of the world.” A meditative and contemplative life allows for greater seeing and clarity and If I am able, at all moderately,  to move from the distraction of the fixed  and deluded and conventional self that I have known myself to be, to a place of greater clarity than this is a more suited  place from which I can look to understand and be in my world.

Meditation has been a key part of my  way back to clarity of consciousness and through the time that I can find for contemplation I am able to question directly what I have been spoon fed to be true. Inquiry involves  reflection  and questioning such things as how I  am to know for sure the truth of what I perceive and if there is something of our inherent being that we have lost our way from;  that is a better guide than our conditioned conscious self.  I can explore and discover for myself these and other questions without the need for outside expertise. In fact the only way to know for oneself is to be involved in inquiry in this way.  It leads to a questioning of what is beyond the ego consciousness; something I have been trapped within; at the same time yearning for a way  to see what lay beyond it.

Something has guided  our evolving planet and all its creatures prior to the development of the human brain and ego. In fact it seems that since the human began using the higher cognitive processes such as discursive reasoning  we have done more collectively  to perpetuate  crisis and  abuse of the planet in a  shorter time than ever before. I am not sure that human kind is clear at this point in time what the benefit has been. Our human,  over reliance on  words, perceptions, cultural and religious dogma, and rigid and closed conceptualization of our world seems to have  enveloped us in fear and a fragmented envisioning that has closed us off from an openness required in a greater understanding of truth.

There is something of the  mind that is, albeit,  a product of evolution itself and perhaps it is in a more inner connection to something more of us,  that has been excluded with our modern development and use  of knowledge,  that we will find our way.  Maybe it is a re-orientation to something more Devine of us that all  humans and all of earths creatures are inseparable from that we are best guided. Through a contemplative meditative way we can discover that what we have been led to believe; where the focus has been an external one, is only part of the way to be wholly in life. In that  re-orientation it may be that we will all find  greater clarity although it may not be familiar or perceivable to the mind that has become separated through conditioning.

Just Being

It seems to me that human  beings will do almost anything to avoid facing their own human weaknesses—anything, that is, except face themselves. Even in the spiritual world I don’t think that it is uncommon for humans to pursue what they believe to be an omnipotent state in which one is superior to others or which we might see ourselves transcend and/ or control all of  our  own human failings. I have in the past thought that being enlightened had something to do with this  in  my own unique way  of  projecting what I thought perfection was, and in the achieving of  that  I would  somehow be above human frailty.

But it is not such as this. In becoming aware I am moved to  see that life has a way of moving us toward surrender. In that seeing we find the space to begin to experience glimpses of the reality of our own, and all others, impermanence. In relaxing effort at becoming something, that has been a creation and fixture of mind, I am able to realize and be with a more fundamental and comprehensive truth, revealed in my embracing of  my vulnerable form and its limited existence.  It is in the letting go of what I thought  and hoped myself to be and what I should become, that  I might one day rise above the weakness, imperfection and fear that was all a part of that mythical perception of self.

In coming to the realization of what  I  do not know and what I am not, there is  quite a sensation of liberation and expansion into something much more vast than anything I could know or think myself to be and it seems to be the  place that  I am best able to  realize  what It is that I  am in fear of and what the truth of that fear is or is not.

And than there are those moments when that self that believes and knows, finds it way to contributing to a contracted  and fragmented projection  and manifestation of itself.