Something Bigger

I am discovering that there is something bigger than the self that leads me through experiences that are unfamiliar to me and that I  would not conventionally have entered into in life. i  often think and ask myself how have I entered into this situation and hiw will it serve me and than a light goes off. That is why. I have been guided. In coming to trust in something that is not the intelect or that is not the individual but that is more intuitive and that possesses a wisdom of less traditional and conventional form.

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Two Species Extinct each day

I heard on CBC yesterday that there are two species  becoming extinct each day. But our conservative fixation and priority of the electorate remains to be on the economy. The  increase or decrease in the  Gross National Product takes precedent as the determining  factor in deciding on a president and political policy.

I understand that jobs and  livelihood are important  issues but it seems to be  that our values do not take into consideration factors that are aggressively contributing to  global destruction. Why is it that we cant seem to collectively shift  away from the extreme need to own, possess and to consume for the sake of humanity.  When will be the right time to individually and collectively do what is required in regards to altering our personal choices that so greatly affect the whole.

In Openness We Realise Truth

Beliefs, learned and conditioned ideas and concepts can have an influence on the mind where freedom becomes limited. It is only in freedom that we can discover what is true, what is God, what God is not, not through belief or conditioned concepts. Even in embracing modern ways of  scientific  belief can limit our freedom if we are rigidly believing that science is the only way to realise truth.  This is because what we are conditioned to believe and what we believe to be true projects what you think should  be true.

The conditioned self is a product of our belief and our conditioning so it is no more real than those beliefs and the conditioning that has formed it. What we are is not limited by belief or conditioned concept. The truth of what we are is rediscovered when we are free to go beyond all of that .

Beyond Belief

This article is written by the writer that I have the greatest respect for Krishnamurti

We realize that life is ugly, painful, sorrowful; we want some kind of theory, some kind of speculation or satisfaction, some kind of doctrine, which will explain all this, and so we are caught in explanation, in words, in theories, and gradually, beliefs become deeply rooted and unshakable because behind those beliefs, behind those dogmas, there is the constant fear of the unknown. But we never look at that fear; we turn away from it. The stronger the beliefs, the stronger the dogmas. And when we examine these beliefs the Christian, the Hindu, the Buddhist we find that they divide people. Each dogma, each belief has a series of rituals, a series of compulsions which bind man and separate man. So, we start with an inquiry to find out what is true, what the significance is of this misery, this struggle, this pain; and we are soon caught up in beliefs, in rituals, in theories.Belief is corruption because, behind belief and morality lurks the mind, the self the self growing big, powerful and strong. We consider belief in God, the belief in something, as religion. We consider that to believe is to be religious. You understand? If you do not believe, you will be considered an atheist, you will be condemned by society. One society will condemn those who believe in God, and another society will condemn those who do not. They are both the same. So, religion becomes a matter of belief and belief acts and has a corresponding influence on the mind; the mind then can never be free. But it is only in freedom that you can find out what is true, what is God, not through any belief, because your very belief projects what you think ought to be God, what you think ought to be true.

Enclosing Ourselves in the Illussion of Certainty

The snake that can not shed its skin perishes likewise those spirits which are unable to change their concepts are no longer spirits. Stefan Zweig

We can’t really do without structure and concepts in negotiating our world . But in coming to understand that the word is not the truth we can come to see them more as tools in understanding and in so doing we can come to relate to the world in a different more direct way.

We have come to crave structure as a way of providing security and certainty in our lives. Unfortunately when we are looking for truth the structures and concepts we use to understand are static as opposed to open and dynamic. If we are changing and the world is ever-changing how do static concepts help us to open to change and how do they authentically reflect truth?

We become confined and closed in our blind embracing of structures and concepts. Limitation in seeing can be their trapping. And in our blindness we succumb to the fear of insecurity which leads us away from the direct experience of living towards a more complacent structure seeking way of being.

If we have not stepped out into embracing the world from a more direct experience we can feel quite threatened by perceptions of a world that does not fit our familiar notions. In our selective perceptions we find security and the seeing of reality (truth) might involve learning to be in the world from a place beyond their secure and structured conditioning. We choose to live with the familiar and static in the institutions and forms that we attach to and in the concepts and structures that influence them. In a way we enclose ourselves in an habitual way in the illusion of certainty. The cost is that they in turn influence our perceptions of life and the world. Accepting from others in a literal way what they perceive is not a substitute for the truth of the direct experience.

Life is a far greater mystery and gift than our conditioning allows us to realize. To realize it we must learn to be with the insecurity and uncertainty that is part of that direct experience of the mystery.

To Find Our Way Back

If  it turns out that the truth of life is that we all cover over our vulnerability and insecurity to the point that we have lost touch with it than how would we proceed to live from that place of awareness? We have incredible difficulty being with our vulnerability and why shouldnt we be this way. We have been raised and conditioned to avoid it and to pursue some illusion of security.  So we don’t really know how to be with our own sense of uncertainty or insecurity, only to look for ways to avoid or escape from it and to escape or avoid those who bring us  too close to it.  

How  can we truly be compassionate if we can’t except this in ourselves or from this limitation to others. If we are denying this reality of ourselves that is at the centre of what it means to be human it is no wonder that we have gone astray and that we can’t find our way back. We just go on looking in the wrong direction. for ways to bring us more security however short-lived it may be and however much it veils us from truth.

Becoming or Accepting

I must be distorted in my thinking because I see that there is  no security in life. It seems that many people talk about the spiritual way as being a place that we achieve some kind of perfection or cleansing of impure qualities but often it seems that it is a search for certainty. Most of us spend our lives searching for security through our endless thinking  in this way and that thinking is extended to the spiritual way as well. Other ways that we do this are endless and most often we are not conscious of them. I am not an exception. I have indulged in this as well. But these days I see the limitations in my thinking and in others thinking as well.

Through all of this I am confronted with the realization that there is no security in life and I am not what I have thought myself to be in my past indulgence in the search for meaning and certainty. So in the witnessing of these ways that I have avoided “avoid coming to this recent insight I am left to cope directly  with the insecurity of life. This has its advantages. For one I no longer feel compelled  to focus on  becoming something and perfecting and improving myself. There is some difficulty in learning to be with the uncertainty and vulnerability that comes with this but through being present to it I move into an unfamiliar more authentic experience. There are as well increasing moments of peacefulness and bliss that shine through in simply being with what is. And there is a sense of  acceptance and connection that becomes more evident. We see how others are engaged in the same life long struggle that we have been engaged in and there is a compassion that emerges from that.

It may be difficult for others to be with me in this way at times for whatever reason but what choice do I really have. That sense of vulnerability and uncertainty is right there in a world futilely engaged in finding relief from it.  i can continue in my avoidance and pretentious ways or I can follow the light to a way that leads to a more authentic experience of living. And the truth of that is partly that I am quite imperfect , limited in my knowing and capable of making mistakes in the process of learning about life which seems to be an endless process.