The Spell of the Sensuous

David Abrams writes in his book “The Spell of the Sensuous.” “Caught up in a mass of abstractions, our attention hypnotized by a host of human made techniqueologies that only reflect us back to ourselves. It is all too easy for us to forget our carnal inheritance in a more than human matrix of sensations and sensebilities.”
Our world has become so focused on fixed imaging, perceptions and sensibilities, which is all contrary to a deeper reality that all is ongoing and  changing. Investigating in a deeper in a more direct way my experience has come to be, as Abrams reflects, that the  act of perception is more open ended and unfinished. Abram writes “we are never wholly locked into any particular instance of participation”

Our human tendency to want to understand and perceive  through fixed concepts and ideologies without investigation of what can be realized through a more direct experience contributes to us being stuck and not open to what is unfolding. There is something about  being human that finds security in the familiar and the comfortable regardless of wether it reflects a deeper truth and awareness. Contrary to that there is a very creative, authentic, dynamic and adventurous energy that we are inseparable from that lay beneath our acquired habit of ignoring it.

I am not referring to some kind of prescription for a  way of behaving but more about  how we might relate to ourselves, other beings and  existence.

An Unfolding Into a More Sensuous Existence

I think that there is great significance in questioning  human notions and concepts that have come to be fixed. We can benefit from examining our fixed ways and understanding and attachment to  some of the modern values that promote delusion, that we as, individuals, cultures and societies hold so closely.
My own experience is that the  influence of unexamined social, cultural and family values has contributed to a distraction from a more authentic and sensuous experience and engagement with life. Opening to a more thorough and honest investigation and seeing has involved opening to and embracing a deeper awareness of connections to all else on this planet.

Some of the disorienting consequences of that conditioning can only be illustrated and articulated honestly and openly to the degree that I am myself aware, and/or am able  to express that experience. As well,  there is inevitably an unfolding and transformation that is ongoing that is beyond an individuals capacity to understand or control. In some ways I am more willing to led by that without having to know.