If We Take the Time

“For many people the debate as to the ultimate reality of the universe is an academic one, far removed from the concerns and demands of everyday life. After all, reality is whatever it is independent of our models of it.” This line from Rupert Spiras new book “The Nature of Consciousness” is most relevant for me. To a large degree we generally , no longer pay attention to a more direct experience of life having had come to a norm where we accept the conclusions and developments of others we consider to have more expertise than us. Consistent with this way of thinking we have come to see the world in terms of the fixed concepts that have been handed to us, that we have come to believe in and that has weakened a trust in our own resources; a discovering for ourselves,  paying   attention to our own innate intuition and ability to relate, connect to and understand a  world  that  we are not separate from. 

This is a different consciousness then what we have, in our assumption of  modern progress, been conditioned into. We have been told that we are evolved and that we are more cival and knowledgeable than ever before.  What  if this sense-of-self is a construct—composed of automatized, mutually reinforcing ways of thinking, feeling and acting. If we take the time to investigate In a  more reflective,  contemplative way we may come to realize the limitation and illussion involved in of our way of thinking. In that contemplation there is the possibility of evaporation of our conditioned assumptions that comprise our sense of self that enables seeing beyond those cultural, traditional boundaries.

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