A Vital Vulnerability

It is in opening that I come to be more fully alive and engaged in the journey of becoming “fully my self”. In opening I experience an existential sensitivity, a vital vulnerability as I let go of my identification with defensive and rigid perceptions, from which familiar an d habitual boundaries that enclose me are loosened. In trusting what lie within, a knowing is illuminated from the unknowing of the darkness. I hold lightly to this newly emerging “knowing” as it is but a part of an endless flow and unfolding.

I am learning to see how I habitually react to the sense of vulnerability and to be more courageous than I have been in the past in looking to understand it in greater depth. I come to a place that I am able to radically merge with it and in so doing allow for resistance and apprehension to be transformed. I am most grateful for this new realization, that it is an opportunity to expand and extend my appreciation of life and consciousness, there is the beginning of seeing beauty where I once could not unfolding in a vulnerability that is the essence of unencumbered being. The sense of vulnerability might somehow be a part of the overwhelming passion involved in once again being able to witness beauty in myself and life in this ongoing journey of discovering what I am in this.

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