Art and Essence

When I take the time to reflect and express my experience of creating  and my relationship to art I can authentically  say that art is integral to my nature, just as the scent seems to be integral to the essence of a flower’s nature. The meditative life that I have discovered seems to be so much a part of this way of art that I am emerged in and is no doubt enormously conducive to that creative drive. When I let go of the compulsion to plan or control my life artistic essence arises naturally and spontaneously. That authentic act of creation is not self-conscious. Something more vast than the self seems to take over. The intentional willful focus of that part that I refer to as the ego becomes passive. Its active presence can actually interfere with inspiration

i have no problem with assuming that art is a part of our human nature  as it is a part of mine and that it works in a similar way for us all. My understamding of art has more to with that what arises from, is connected to and created from  that part of us that is our essemce. We have come to live collectively in a forgetful way, this often becoming veiled in our daily lives.

A New Creation by Gord