YES, JUST THERE, I can step outside and be inside the comfort of you—walking into the arms of protection, the embrace of safety. You wait there for me; there is never any doubt you are there. Chaos can enter my mind; many alien forms can cloud my heart. Yet since I was very young I have known that in this place of yours I can be refound, renewed, re-formed. Knowing I can go there has always helped, but it has never made the pain less, just less powerful. At first it seemed I could hear you, present faintly in the vacuous, empty whole. Later I knew I was hearing your touch, and from the place of infinite connections, I was hearing all that is said without words. When no one speaks, the possibility that all that has ever been spoken to be heard becomes magnified. Even when what has not been said is the most profound, I still hear the summoning of all silence and come quickly to be counted among the devoted. Shhhhh …, we cannot hear the silence when all are trying to lay claim to her treasure; when so few are concerned for her extinction. She is like the hole in the ozone, global warming, and the plight of the frogs. We do not believe the danger is real. We do not trust there is anythingto lose. Is there? Of course there is. It is the only way left to us. —Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

Change and the Window of Perception

HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS CHANGES WITH time, and thus likewise so do our truths. The world, the universe, our sense of meaning, may be little else to us than a set of perspectives that are constantly shifting. What makes us think that our way of seeing the world today is the right one? Kingsley L Dennis

It has taken some maturing, caught at times in loops and dead-ends, before I have been able to come to a place, where I realize that what I rigidly hold on to in belief is quite relative and that it is dependent on my human “window of perception”. I now understand how humans can limit their perception of reality, how culture and education influences it, fragmenting and rationalizing at times in a way that we can intellectually comprehend it. These days I am able to intuit life in a way that I am far more trusting of . When I sit quietly and let thoughts unfold in silence, the “window of perception” seems to be transformed, opening to change and moving towards something that I am yet unable to articulate.

dennis writes that “wisdom is not a question of belief, nor is it an accumulation of knowledge. It is a reflection of the resonance we have between the imaginal and the imagination, and how we express this through the conscious human experience.”

The Sacred Revival

Much of what I am becoming in terms of any kind of eternal, inner spiritual transmutation, has been the result of getting out of the way of all that is naturally unfolding. A step in this realization has had to do with becoming aware of what I have learned, which has impeded insight into that which is natural in me.

In this awareness, there has been a letting go and from that the understanding that there are no absolute laws, just continual unfolding. Caught up in the usual activities, I seem to have forgotten what it is of “what I am” that is of my true nature. It seemed to be elsewhere, although I now realize, beyond belief, that I am in fact never truly apart from it. More than just believing in it this radical truth is for me to be fully lived, experienced and embodied. In his book “The Sacred Revival” Kingsley Dennis describes this experience in a way that I am able to relate to.

“The world we see, our reality matrix, is a reflection of the being we are, and the state we are in. As human beings, we each interact with the world differently because we perceive the world differently. In interacting differently we each contribute to creating a different world. The sacred reality understands that we exist as part of a participatory cosmos. It is this sacredness without a name that infuses the human condition. To be a human being is to be inherently imbued with a spiritual force that animates us in ways we are largely unaware of. And yet through this animated force we see the world around us. It cultivates our worldview, our values, and is the source of our quest for meaning. And a civilization’s worldview is its most precious possession. Everything proceeds from this primary perception—a collective gaze of wonder, or perhaps of limitation. As philosopher E. A. Burtt noted, “It is the ultimate picture which an age forms of the nature of its world that is its most fundamental possession.” The basic, fundamental understanding is that we cannot observe the world without changing it. Our presence, and the resulting perceptions that arise, are developed within specific cultural environments. These cultural contexts construct the lens through which we view our life and our sense of reality. These constructs could be religious, secular, or anything in between.”

A Deeper Self Knowing

From a place of silence and a quiet mind , there is a mirror like reflecting of what is beyond the ways of the self. From this place of stillness there is access to a wider and deeper knowledge, process and way of being with the mind that has led to a self-knowledge that could not be gathered through any other, through any book, through any confession, psychology, psychoanalyst or intellectual thinking. Through my own direct experience there is an expansion of self understanding that has transcended the self enclosing activities of the conditioned mind and conventional ways of learning. Being trapped in the conditioned, unaware state perpetuates an ever arising breeding ground of despair, pain and sorrow. There is limited space for creative investigation in this. In the expansion of mind there is a more comprehensive understanding of the activity of the mind that arises as awareness of action in relationship to things, to people, and to ideas deepens. In that relationship, which is the mirror, I come to see myself, without any justification or condemnation; and from that wider and deeper knowledge of the ways of mind, it is possible to proceed further and deeper in realization of self, life and connection. I am in this unfolding increasingly intimate with all that is.