What We Observe

From a “Marriage of Heaven and Hell.”william Blake writes : ‘A fool sees not the same tree as a wise man sees’.

“What is going on inside the observer is at least as important as what is going on outside him, what, that is, he is observing. Our attitude toward what we are observing will determine what we see. If we are determined that what lies before us is merely a piece of complicated machinery, as many who engaged in the new way of knowing did, then that is what we will see. If we believe that the only way to understand the world is to break it down into smaller and smaller parts, then smaller and smaller bits and pieces are what we shall find.”Gary Lachman

The philosopher Husserl said that the natural stance of the waking ego is a perceiving, a ‘looking’.. But when we step out of the natural standpoint and perform what Husserl calls the “epoché,”a temporary suspension of belief in everything we think we know about the world, the relation of consciousness to the world changes. The world no longer seems to be something simply ‘there’ that our consciousness somehow mirrors. Our perceiving seems somehow more ‘active’. We become aware of the dynamic character of our perception, something that is obscured when we are within the natural standpoint –in other words, most of the time.

It makes more sense to me that the natural state that Husserl writes about is a conditioned state and the more “active” state is our nature. If we are more familiar with the quantitative way of knowing, that is because we are taught that this is knowing, and that anything else is wishful thinking and make believe.

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