Growing Weary

In my travels its been hard to find a place that man has not alienated himself from nature. For me I am so fortunate that I have Canada as a refuge, but for how long will this be so. Modern technology is certainly taking its toll as it now dominates most all cultures, contributing to the devaluation of that which is natural and organic. We have become enslaved by technology, out of touch with nature and experiencing obvious symptoms and consequences. Humans have become cutoff from themselves, even their intimations of a return to some deeper self. We have been too long absorbed and too battered to function in more collaborative way with each other and/or with nature. I am growing weary of this increasingly artificial lifestyle living. We call it civilization but cultivation is the better word. We dont seem to be aware of what we have sacrificed in our obsession with control and such a shallow illusion of self, comfort and security. I am lost in it, not able to find a place to rest where there is balance and where I can find nourishment in what is natural in life. There does not seem to be a way out of this conundrum as the unrelenting progress of technological development seems never ending. The ending may in fact be that civilization is doomed, destined to be consumed from within and destroyed.

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