Perpetuating Separation

Our modern methods of solving our individual problems seem not to address the deeper causes of distress, aloneness and depression that seem to be not so separable from overall social dysfunction.

I now accept the notion that I am an “Outsider” and that I am marginalized in that. I consciously take my leave from a conventional point of view; realizing that it has resulted in me being enmeshed and lost— overwhelmed and bound by so many irrelevant issues, delusions, and illusions, all intertwined and overlapping, that kept me in obscuration and perpetuating dysfunction at various levels. I now realize that there is a difference between the “adjusted coper” and the “intelligent, sensitive citizen”.

A part of waking up and living more fully, for me, involves embracing a more active and aware thinking, feeling and direct experience of life that includes a never ending unfolding and opening to something more intuitive and authentic, emanating from within. In that there is the awareness that, beyond our individual perception we are intricately connected to a larger world and community of humans and beings. To be able to realize this involves an expansion of our experience of our deeper nature. A more contemplative focus in life may help us to examine and explore more deeply the root causes of our fear of being alone and other influences that are unsettling us, that block and separate us from experiencing life more responsibly and fully; that underlying grief and panic may be an unavoidable consequence of the change and dying of our culture and our world.

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