In a dualist setup, “my” mind is different from cosmic mind. It’s much smaller, for one thing, and its viewpoint is limited to the experiences I’ve had since birth. Yet if we abandon the illusion of separation, there is no need to choose either/ or.The mind feels personal and at the same time it is cosmic. Imagine that you are a single electron flickering in and out of the quantum vacuum. As a single particle you feel like “me,” an individual. But in reality you are an activity of the quantum field, and in your guise as a wave instead of a particle, you exist everywhere. In our daily lives we are accustomed to feel like individuals while overlooking that at another level,every person is an activity of the universe. What is true for an electron is true for structures like the human body that are constructed from electrons (and other elementary particles). When you live in separation, ignoring your holistic self, life resembles presliced bread. The urge to divide and subdivide allowed science to claim, quite falsely, that objectivity and subjectivity were entirely different, with objectivity being the superior part. But the quantum era abolished this neat division, and reality started to lead in a new direction—the very things we’ve covered in the preceding chapters.

From You and the Universe Are One By Menas Kafatos and Deepak Chopra


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