I walk into the forest a couple kilometres, not far from where I live here in the Kawarthas, to this spot where I am alone on the Otonabee River. I sit here as I do many days, listening to the birds sing, the woodpeckers working, the carp rolling in the shallows and the muskelunge splashing in the river. Occasionally a beaver swims by and the wild turkeys wander near. I have never seen another person here. Its a place where I find it easy to contemplate and occasionally write and sometimes paint.

I am quite immersed in the mystery of nature and life these days. More than ever I see that my experience in life is quite unique and I am coming to value that more each day, although it does seem to make it more difficult to find commonality with others at times. More often than not I find that I am  outside  what others value being more  content looking within than many others are and to stand alone and to be  authentic in that. What is required for an authentic experience of life is discovered and nurtured there; intuition, intimacy and self revelation and most of all life essence. There is guidance emanating from this place as well, more than what is sought from external resources. I question the relevance of conventional, mechanistic thinking finding those who think they know to be quite boring. They don’t seem to realize what they are missing in the grasping, onto their way of thinking, it being a creation of their own fragmented perception, relative in its relevance, illuminating a piece of the puzzle in one way of seeing and nothing in another. We often ignore the devastating consequences of our fragmented thinking on our planet, our relationship with nature and with each other .

I feel compromised when talking with others, when there are assumptions made about what they know, what can be known and when there is an absence of questioning, investigation and intimacy in these exchanges. I don’t know what they claim to know. I don’t want to know as they know. It takes me away from the mystery that is more real and revealing to me.

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