Evolution, Conscious of Itself

It is pretty obvious to me that everything in life is changing. It is a perception that this existence is an unfolding, that everything that exists is a part of that and everything is interconnected in this unfolding. Even the notion of evolution is unfolding. It would be quite ironic to conceive of my understanding in a fixed way as “that” would be outside this notion that all is changing.

Our minds are also evolving. We see the world through conjectures that are creations of the mind. Our conjectures are replaced with new conjectures as the mind evolves. This conjecture that I am writing here is relative. So how can we grasp the totality of evolution with the limited and fragmented thinking mind. Ultimately its such a massive occurrence that cannot be fully captured or realized through words or definitions which are designed to capture pieces and parts as opposed to something so whole.

It might be better expressed that our understanding of evolution and “evolution” itself is something emerging. It is a very creative emergence beyond our ability to foresee. Our understanding might not be able to grasp at any level of sophistication what form existence will take or what forms “beings” that are part of our existence will manifest as. But that does not prevent humankind from attempting to directly influence evolution. Our use of technological developments are especially developed to intervene in this process. But in our effort to catch evolution in a fixed way we are caught in the continually evasive “phantom of becoming”. The greatest risk in this is; what is missed or disregarded in our partial and fragmented way of understanding and perceiving that inform our conceptualization and what destructiveness will be unleashed in our conceptualization and creations in doing so.

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