Into the Depths

What and how, I perceive is completely dependent on my state of consciousness. I am a doubter and find it difficult to believe that I can learn what I need to know of truth from another. If I have faith in anything it is that, through a commitment to focus my life in awareness to my direct experience and the intuition that arises from that I can come to know what I need to know of truth and authenticity. I am enabled in that to take steps to realize what has accumulated in my conditioning that clouds my seeing in my desire to dive more deeply into truth

There is always a gap in life. To constantly try to fill that gap we risk never learning anything helpful about ourselves or our existence. In choosing to enter into the gap with an open embracing of what we might discover there as truth is an ongoing revelation and can take us deeper into self knowing. As Heraclitus suggests “You could not discover the limits of the soul (psyche), even if you traveled every road to do so; such is the depth (bathun) of its meaning (logos).” James Hillman adds “Ever since Heraclitus brought soul and depth together in one formulation, the dimension of soul is depth (not breadth or height) and the dimension of our soul travel is downward.”

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