Rebels and Devils by Christopher S Hyatt

However much I believe in and pursue the western utopian ideal that guarantees a life of reduced stress and problems, I pay a price. Mind and Will are exchanged for this guarantee of a future. The reality seems to be that life doesn’t promise guarantees however much our culture dangles that ideal. In the delusion of a “guaranteed life ” Status Quo moves in and demands order; a place where people can build their nests and ensure the betterment of their genetic coils. Morality seems to become an invention that values whatever notion can bring order and justice in the world.

Radebeul, Germany, where I live for parts of the year is a place that is immersed in tradition, convention, culture and delusion. It is a more upper class community on the outskirts of Dresden and people live comfortably here, but its a small piece of Germany as it is in most countries. There is something lifeless about life here and I have often noticed that tendency in these kinds of places and wondered what price is paid for grasping on to conventional cultural ways, however successful one has become in those definitions.

Ive come to an understanding that is less conventional and is much more real for me. I now realize what it was to live as a puppet of culture and I have come to know what it means to be trapped. Most all cultures have expectations of individuals where there is a pressure to compromise the self. Marshall McLuhan wrote “BLESS culture shock as dislocation of Mind.” Ultimately striving to meet cultural expectations seemed to have that affect on me; forcing me to discover new meaning. People still encourage me to find my place in a conventional world, but stepping out from cultural conventions and norms allows me to better live in an informed and authentic way. These days this way is no longer limited to those of a mystical/ magickal mindset, but is a possibility for all.

Living in an authentic way attending to energy and direction within, has itself, been much more life giving than living in a way that attends to external cues and conditioning. It allows for more fundamental aspects of my being to surface and for me to be present to them . William Blakes advice, that “I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another’s.” has ringed true. Its taken a great fall and the need to learn to cope with chaos, but I am grateful for that opportunity that brought me to an opening where I could shed my armour/ shell/ linguistic filter. Its allowed me to become acquainted with the life I now have; to be able to have a generous taste of what it means to access the Self beneath the programming and metta programmer of my brain.

Christopher S Hyatt writes “The rebel with a cause is the person who risks the label of evil when she attempts to remove, or go beyond, the categories of limitation currently believed.”