A Realighnment

I have no doubt that humankind entered into a Faustian like deal with early ancestors, who discovered the ability to differentiate and conceptualize and to arrange objects in their environment to better serve them. It changed our hopes and dreams and it promised the world in exchange for our minds. A shift occurred where we came to know and relate to our world primarily through our conditioned conceptual mind.

As there were no apparent options of escaping from that conditioned world that was fed to me, It was fortunate for me to discover, through great hardship and error, the folly of being trapped by this so called civilized modern way and of being the slave to a fragmented perception, mechanical analysis, dogmatic belief and judgement, all attributes reinforced and encouraged by conventional external influences.

It has required a rebellious diligence to enable a realization of what has been lost in that Faustian deal, and in so seeing allowing for a deeper contemplation of mind and world to emerge. Rather than being an experience that is about complacent resignation and withdrawal to a more primitive way, it has been more of a waking up and and expansion into an unseen and mysterious world.

Ultimately there is minimal opportunity for a direct experience or for authentic insight to arise with a conditioned mind. The shedding of the attachment to the veneer allows for an unfolding and arising from within, and as I welcome a further immersion within it allows for a more holistic awareness and influence on mind.

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