Transcending Conditioning.

Robert Anton Wilson writes, “What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves . . . whether you are living in a Christian reality-tunnel, a Charles Mansonoid reality-tunnel, an Immortalist reality-tunnel, a vegetarian reality-tunnel, a Rationalist reality-tunnel . . . Everybody has the only true true religion.”

From Persinger and Lafreniere: “We, as a species, exist in a world in which exist a myriad of data points. Upon these matrices of points we superimpose a structure and the world makes sense to us. The pattern of the structure originates within our biological and sociological properties.”

The attachment that we have to those structures that are our reality tunnels contributes to confusing these tunnels with reality itself, and, worse yet, with “all” of reality. Yes they help us to adapt and survive but when we believe in them too rigidly, rather than understanding them to be tools and models, it can cause us to experience life as frustrating. Our innate sense of understanding of life reality becomes deluded and as well problems in our modern world arise from the fact that these reality-tunnels are no longer isolated from each other. We constantly collide with persons living in wildly different tunnel-realities.The average person has a deluge of contradictory and conflicting reality-tunnels impinging on him or her, with little experience or training in either cultural or neurological relativism.

Meditation has been a helpful vehicle enabling a more contemplative, reflective examination of reality and self identity. Inevitably we have all been influenced by our socialization, education and biological conditioning at the expense of not attending to more innate and authentic instincts. A more flexible-deep attention beyond our rigidly held conditioned processes to a more fundamental essence of mind is more natural and practical way. Beyond the boundaries, perceptions and limitations that are inherent in our conditioning, awareness; attending to life in this way helps to question and dissolve our more rigid structuring.

Ultimately transcendence implies a letting go of what I once superficially believed myself to be. There seems to be a metaphysics already embedded within that is not so accessible through analysis, abstraction and intellectual processes. I refer to transcendence here more as an emerging from a fog to a more clear awareness and/or realization of that metaphysics enabled through discovery via a more direct experience of self through observing, listening and intuiting.

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