“Something Amiss” in Our Individuation

I write in a way of generality knowing well that the process of individuation is unique for all.

We are something of both an individual and something deeper that is a part of our essence. It is something not of a concrete quality or easily conceptualized that we have all originated from. We are not so conscious of it in modern times, having somehow become something which has forgotten that deeper truth of what we are; however, much it is part of our being.

Henry Corbin’s writes about the idea of the “angel” that plays a role in the unfolding of our conscious experience. He writes about “Eternal Time” as a personal Figure, a celestial counterpart that completes and grants Eternity to the earthly soul, and appears in epiphanies that are, as he puts it, “each time unique”. “This idea makes possible a simultaneity of divine unity and divine plurality which avoids the simplest dilemma between monotheism and polytheism. The earthly soul meets its Angel on the road in an act of rigorous and irreplaceable individuation of that divine presence. To lose that deeper dimension is to lose an angel.”

At times we realize that something is amiss in our lives. Somehow touching and connecting with something that lay more deeply, an inseparable part of us, that in our fragmented focus and modern and cultural thinking we have lost awareness of, can lead us towards a more comprehensive individuation. We are something of both an individual and that something that is ineffable, that has existed prior to the arrival and ability of words to iilluminate, that is of our collective essence. Henry Corbin refers to that graceful process of reconnecting to our nature as being led by an angel.

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