Blind to Purpose and Meaning

We live in a world where all of our needs are taken care of except, perhaps, the sense that there is “purpose” and or “meaning” in our lives. Could it be that I am being misled in that extreme focus on fulfilling my needs and that something is lost in that fixation to do so. There seems to be limited belief that there are other choices other than conventional norms. Are we blinded in that. Are we missing some of the more concerning consequences of our conditioned pursuit, that take us away from ourselves in ways we no longer understand? Is this all perpetuated by our modern assumptions that perpetuare an even more fragmented perception?

It is my conclusion that I have sacrificed something of my essence of being human in adopting such a traditional, dualistic way of thinking and that present day environmental and global crisis are a collective consequence of this. Something fundamental of myself, that involves a deeper awareness of my connection to everything else has been compromised in this, Is it possible to function in an authentic way if this is so? How can I discover true meaning and purpose when something if me is lost in such a way?

Its not that I must abandon my a dualistic functioning and the perceptions that are part of it but that I recognize the limitations in utilizing it. I can make choices about when it is useful and when it is not. Dualistic thinking in its ability to reduce the object of focus to perceived parts may not be able to grasp what is considered to be a more whole phenomenon, an example being our “human essence”. Henry Corbin writes “Our spiritual cosmos is so liable to be shattered into fragments at the contact of material or ideological advances fed from other sources.” We are somewhat constrained by the cognitive limitations of mind, however not by the evolutionary potential. Dualistic thinking involves seeing in fragments but quite likely, it is not the ultimate end in the evolution of mind. A way forward seems to be stirring as we open our minds to this realization and that it has been, and remains, a useful tool, however; our conclusions reached in this way are just one particular fragment; one way of seeing

To continue to look for resolution without more comprehensive insight is to perpetuate more of the same problems. Resolution of this might involve the realization that we might not be able to see with clarity what it is that is essential to our global unfolding from a dualistic point of reference. Another is that we seem to be, so very, unaware of the unseen consequences of our dualistic thinking which, as well, contribute to a barrier in finding meaning and purpose in living.

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