A Revitalized Self is Possible

I reduce my self to a mechanical functioning in my reliance on use of analysis, psychology and/or reference to external, rational or literal ways of being in the world. Being raised as a child in this way began at an early age. Consequences of this is that constructs a boundary of separation from a deeper truth of personhood.

Its not easy to grasp what Corbin is saying from this brief description but from a larger context it seems to be that he is indicating that an emphasis on the direct experience of self is something that is often lost in our conditioning. Conventional reflection and expression of our experience is most often a reduction of that experience and is limited in capturing the essence of being human. Art and poetry can be a more reflective way of expression that seem to be better suited to amplify what is in our inner depths, however; not all of us have the power or had the experience of grace to step beyond our cultural, historical constraints and to connect with what is within and to allow that to become the creative source of realization, self discovery and the intimate expression of what is authentic of us. But we always have the opportunity to return to a more natural and authentic place of relating to the world where we can again experience a sense of revitalization that we have not known from ego dominated existence but perhaps that we have known in childhood.

Corbin use of the symbol of the angel is not meant to be literally interpreted here.

From ” All the World an Icon: Henry Corbin and the Angelic Function of Beings” by Tom Cheetham.

“For Corbin, the Person is the first and final reality. This is not idealism, nor realism, nor materialism, and certainly not historicism, but rather “personalism.” The person “can neither be deduced nor explained.” He writes, “Hermeneutics as science of the individual stands in opposition to historical dialectics as alienation of the person.” But the person, the human individual, must then not be reducible to history or sociology, genetics or physiology, or”indeed any subsidiary aspect of reality. The individual can only be amplified, not reduced, and the locus of the amplification toward which the person is to be raised is the celestial, eternal counterpart, the partner in heaven, the archetype of each of us that guarantees the possibility of our eternal individuality—the locus, the telos of that spiritual motion is the Angel.

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