Life Illuminated

These days I live quite an unconventional life. On many a day tears fall for the most ineffable of reasons, but its not sadness that brings that on, but more something emerging from within. Its something new, original, and profound, where language fails and the mind is humbled and neutralized by the lack of a concept available to explain it. There is something more real of me that arises as treasures, which can come in the form of spiritual revelations of breathtaking beauty and grandeur in awareness. They are revealed along with the tearful realization that I have been lost and I am only now finding my way home.

I also experience hardship and difficulty as most anyone does, although, I now know to enter into those moments that I once avoided. There is wonder in things that I once saw to be banal, painful and empty and now see them to disclose something forgotten. Its more of a newer understanding or dawning; that reality can be seen for what it truly is: metaphor for the truly Real. All is to be embraced even those experiences we once perceived as being undesirable.

It is the the measure to which it furnishes the means of going beyond all conformisms, all servitudes to the letter, all opinions ready-made.…a procedure that engages a more entire me. Perhaps it is “soul” because it brings into play the most secret sources of energy.

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