Continual Conceptual Rebellion

From Henry Corbin and the Angelic Function of Beings” by Tom Cheetham

I think that it is time to realize that the “destruction of the world” is a result of our unlimited and continual attempts to control a world that exceeds our understanding and our abilities to predict.Cheetham writes that”It is the subversive and difficult work of the Creative Imagination to continually outrun the destruction of the world”

He further writes about the poet Leslie Scalapino Her friend and fellow poet Lyn Hejinian wrote that “her work was a manifestation of what she termed “continual conceptual rebellion.” “Continual conceptual rebellion” is a means of outrunning the forces that would re-form (conventionalize) one. If you stay in one place too long, you’ll be taken over—either by your own fixating ideas or by those of others. To survive one must always be outrunning what she called “the destruction of the world.”

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