Friends and Awareness

A growing awareness of personal incompleteness, insufficiency of soul, the limitations of self-love and the deficiency of my personal awareness has left me standing naked of pretenses and vulnerable to the rest of the world. I can’t say that it feels nice to feel vulnerable and that I no longer wander away from that realization, but it seems that it is a more real place than I have known and it’s easier to be present in that reality. It’s been a long journey of letting go and coming to acceptance of that place of awareness.

I have few friends now but those I do have seem to be more intimate than I have known in the past. It seems that relating in general involves more intimate exchanges but I look to friends more to enable me in being sustained in that awareness and in the acceptance of my own deep, sometimes unseen needs. From that comprehension I seem to be better able to understand and support the needs of others. I look to friends to help in that journey of coming home to myself and to the rest of the world at the same time. Ultimately I am discovering that to be in friendship and relationship with someone is to open myself to becoming more than I can possibly be alone.

Inspired by Joan Chittister

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