Having been educated as a social worker and having worked in the mental health field for twenty five years I came to struggle with what I saw to be the limitations of psychological methodology in dealing with suffering. So often it seemed to reinforce the victimized “I” and a narrative of suffering and a conceptual understanding that was distant from the actual experience of suffering. Individuals often so easily become trapped in a somewhat arbitrary and deceptive unrelated thought process.

No doubt, we have to be able to see and experience what has been lost and trapped under the layers of our thinking and conditioning but perhaps it is more relevent done in a more experiential way. Our ability to problem solve and conceptualize can lead us astray and actually create more insulating layers. It seems that something more authentic of what we are can emerge even from beneath some fairly rigid, unconscious and even biological conditioning. 

Thinking about life holds us back from the unity of existence, but discernment is intuitive wisdom born from awareness and free of any alternative interpretation. Discerning is pure and simple seeing, and therefore the perfect application to use for understanding what is true and what is false.

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